To begin, simply click on ‘Start a Trip’ on the map displayed on the home screen. You can then select trusted individuals (your ‘guardians’) to share your trip details with, who will be able to follow your journey in real time. A trip can be started with a specific destination address (like returning home), or without entering a destination at all (such as going for a jog).
Yes. If you choose not to enter a destination address, you will only share your geolocation with your guardians. You can stop sharing your location at any time
  • To follow a friend’s trip, ensure you have downloaded the application and added your friend(s) as trusted contacts or guardians. Whenever one of your friends shares their trip details with you, you will receive a notification. You can then track their progress on the map.
When you stop a trip, you cease sharing your geolocation. Your guardians are then notified that you have stopped your journey
Your guardians immediately receive a notification alerting them to your danger. The app provides them with your current location and battery percentage, enabling them to quickly come to your aid.
If you are stationary for more than 5 minutes, your guardians will be notified that you have stopped moving, indicating a potential problem.

No, in the most recent version of the app, all tracking is managed within the app itself. To track your journey, your guardians must download the app and add you as a trusted contact.”

If you receive an emergency message, it indicates that your friend or relative is in immediate danger. Locate their geolocation on the application first. Attempt to contact them via phone or text message. Advise them to seek shelter in a UMAY Safe Place if possible. If nearby, try to reach them. If you cannot make contact or are not in the vicinity, immediately call the police

Your Guardians

Trusted people, or ‘guardians,’ are individuals you select from your friends, family, or loved ones. They are people you trust to oversee your safety and provide help if necessary. To perform this role, your guardians must download the application, which enables them to track your journeys and receive alerts. You have the option to choose, for each trip, which of your guardians will be monitoring your journey
Upon first logging in, each user chooses a nickname. To add a guardian, use the ‘Send an Invitation’ button on the trusted people/guardian page, accessible from the top right of the home page. Your invitee will receive a download link and your nickname to connect with you in the app. If your guardian is already an app user, simply click ‘Add a Trusted Person,’ enter their nickname, and add them. For security reasons, both parties must mutually agree to be each other’s trusted person.

Someone added me as a guardian, but I don’t know them.

If you receive a guardian request from an unknown nickname, check with your friends or loved ones to see if any of them have invited you. If you do not recognize the requester, it is safest to decline the invite.

To manage your list of trusted people or guardians, go to the trusted persons/guardians page, accessible via the button at the top right of the home page. Here, you can add or delete trusted individuals. Each time you initiate a trip, you have the option to select or deselect the people with whom you want to share your journey.
When you launch a trip, you have the option to choose the individuals you wish to share your journey with. To select or deselect a trusted contact, simply enable or disable the button next to each guardian’s name.


In the app, you can make various types of reports: Feeling of Insecurity… Harassment… Physical Assault… Sexual Assault… Spousal Violence… Reports of types 2, 3, and 4 are visible to other app users for 30 minutes. The identity of the person making the report remains anonymous
Reports are a crucial part of UMAY, serving to alert other users of incidents, generate anonymous safety statistics, assist in collaborations with partner cities for concrete actions, and provide tailored post-report solutions like police contact, complaint filing, or victim support association assistance.
Reports are visible on the map for 30 minutes.
Reports appear on the maps of other users for 30 minutes. Subsequently, they are recorded to compile statistics and facilitate concrete actions in collaboration with public authorities, aimed at enhancing the safety of our cities
To make a report, simply click on the blue button located on the map, and then select the type of incident you wish to report. Feel free to leave comments to provide more details about the incident

Our application does not replace emergency numbers. You should call your local emergency services if you need urgent help.

In some partner cities, the data is shared in real time with the police, but this does not guarantee their intervention. Call your local emergency services.

Yes, reports are always anonymous. Users cannot be identified under any circumstances. Additionally, we do not request your identity; only a nickname is needed.

Safe places

A UMAY Safe Place is a business rigorously selected as a partner of our application. These establishments can range from bars, restaurants, tobacconists, pharmacies, to stores, among others. Staff at safe places are trained to provide a secure environment for our users in need. While they offer welcoming support and do their utmost to assist, it’s important to remember they are committed community members, not police officers or health professionals. Their assistance is provided within the scope of their capabilities.

Simply show the app or mention that you are a UMAY user. Feel free to briefly explain your situation if you wish. Rest assured, you will be in a safe environment.
We offer a feature designed for individuals who are alone or feel vulnerable, helping them find hotels committed to providing a warm welcome. This includes female solo travellers, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and others seeking a secure environment. These hotels implement special measures, and their staff are trained to ensure your safety and comfort. You can book these hotels directly through the link in our application.

If you run a business and are keen to contribute positively to your community, we invite you to join us. Contact us at contact@gardetoncorps.fr or through our website (umay.fr) for a prompt response.

Our referencing process is selective, ensuring establishments meet our safe place criteria. The compliance check is straightforward and not overly complicated.

UMAY Safe Places are not only refuges in times of need but also businesses committed to everyone’s safety. It is only fitting that we support and promote them. Businesses that financially contribute to the app are given the opportunity to publish their events (like special nights or offers) within the app. This feature also serves to encourage our users to patronize these businesses for their events or shopping needs.

To recommend a business as a UMAY Safe Place, click on your profile picture and locate the ‘Recommend a safe place feature.

Data confidentiality

Absolutely not! You retain full control over when and with whom your geolocation is shared. Your geolocation remains private unless you initiate a trip and specifically select guardian(s) to share it with. If you start a trip without choosing any guardians, your geolocation will not be shared. Once you stop a trip, sharing of your geolocation with your guardian(s) automatically ceases.
App usage is entirely anonymous. Your identity is never known to us. Any data shared within the app is also completely anonymous.
Absolutely not! We never have access to your location or the ability to track your journeys. Only the guardians you select can view your geolocation when you choose to share your trips with them. Beyond this, there is no recording or sharing of your journey history.

User Account

The app’s anonymity prioritizes your security. By having minimal information about you, we significantly reduce the risk of your data being compromised. Our goal is to ensure your safety without needing extensive personal details. Additionally, we aim to prevent any misuse of the app for identifying or geolocating users. While absolute zero risk is not possible, we implement all necessary security measures to prevent such incidents.
Providing an email address is recommended but not required. Your email enables us to send you a pin code, which is useful if you need to reinstall the app and want to recover your data, such as trusted persons and levels.
Completing your profile information is optional, not mandatory. The data collected, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, and outing habits, are used solely for compiling detailed statistics. They are never used for identification purposes. Your anonymity is always maintained.
Levels are designed to reward our most active and loyal users. As you engage with the app, you accumulate points. Activities like sharing trips, inviting friends, and promoting UMAY Safe Places all contribute to your point tally. We periodically organize contests where your level can increase your chances of winning!
You can accumulate points by actively using the app. This includes sharing trips, inviting friends, promoting UMAY Safe Places, among other activities. Explore the app to discover which features help you earn points. We like to keep some surprises up our sleeve!
It’s simple! You have several options: Mention it during meals with family and friends, invite your friends to become guardians directly through the app, use the ‘Share App’ feature found in your Profile menu, and spread the word on your favourite social networks!

To permanently delete your account, send us a request by email at contact@umay.app

Features / Bugs

By clicking this button, you can record sounds, which can serve as an initial piece of evidence in cases of violence or harassment. This feature utilizes your phone’s Dictaphone/sound recorder app. Please note, all recordings are saved exclusively on your phone.
The issue may be due to the absence of a voice recorder/sound recorder app on your phone. To resolve this, download a suitable app, ideally one from your phone’s manufacturer. Once installed, the microphone function should work properly. Please note that this feature might not be compatible with some smartphones.

To activate these features, you need to enable the GPS functionality on your phone. Without this, they won’t function properly. If you’ve previously denied the app access to your GPS location, these features will also be disabled. To fix this, adjust the settings in your phone (you may also consider reinstalling the app).

To receive notifications, you must enable them in the app settings. If notifications are blocked, you won’t be able to fully perform your role as a guardian or receive updates. Rest assured, we only send essential notifications related to messages between guardians.

No worries, we’re here to help! Reach out to us on our social networks, and we’ll guide you through everything.

Find us on Instagram: @umay_app_uk

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Based on citizen and community engagement, UMAY is a free mobile app that aims to improve street and travel safety thanks to GPS-tracking technology solutions and partners’ network.

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