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Walk and travel
the world safe

We’ve got your back! UMAY let’s you share your real-time itinerary with friends and family, find the nearest venue for support when feeling unsafe, vulnerable or threatened, and locate our registered hotels around the world! 

App Umay contre le harcèlement de rue

UMAY. Our free app’s vision:
Turn our cities into safe communities.

Get your journey started and decide who will be your guardians

Trouver une Safe place avec Umay

Find the nearest Safe Place*

Be guided by the map to locate a venue near you! Upon arrival, all you need to do is show UMAY logo to indicate you require help. A member of staff will then look to support and assist.

*Safe Place: A venue that people feeling unsafe, vulnerable or threatened can approach to seek help. These can be bars, restaurants, …

Add friends and family as guardians with UMAY

Contact de confiance

Choose your guardians and share your real-time location

Selected friends and family can join your journey virtually via live GPS-tracking, monitor battery percentage and be notified of your whereabouts.

Notify your guardians in case of an emergency with UMAY

Signalement harcèlement de rue

Send an alert message when incidents happen

Your guardians immediately get notified to provide help in the moment.

Get to a safe place, venue staff will assist and give you the help that you need


Travel the world safe

UMAY can also be your travel companion and gives you access to trusted hotels and hostels around the world.

Book a room with one of our partners

directly from the app for a safe trip.

Going out tonight?

Stay up-to-date with events happening at our partner bars and restaurants

by browsing through the list of local Safe Places… or exploring the World!

Liste des safeplaces UMAY

Ils soutiennent UMAY

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Safe Places located near you!

Travel safe and secure! UMAY is getting available all around the world.
carte UMAY

Your mobile bodyguard!

Après avoir été refusée d’un bar où elle souhaitait se réfugier alors qu’elle était suivie dans la rue, elle a créé une application

Marlène Schiappa signe une convention avec l’appli UMAY pour protéger les femmes dans la rue


UMAY : Comment une application diminue les risques d’agression dans la rue


Pauline Vanderquand a eu l’idée de créer une application qui référence tous les professionnels prêts à accueillir celles qui se sentent menacées dans l’espace public
L’application comprend un bouton d’alerte en cas d’agression et une cartographie des lieux sûrs où les femmes victimes de harcèlement de rue peuvent se réfugier.
Nouvelle version de l'application disponible sur Android et iOS !
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